SimplyNaukri.In Is a  professionally managed HR Outsourcing organization which specializes in Executive Search & Selection/Volume Hiring/Campus Hiring/RPO & Train & Hire Services.

Executive Search & Selection : Some people call it ‘Executive Search’, others ‘Headhunting’ and some’ Search & Selection’. But are any of these an accurate description for the art of the direct approach? SimplyNaukri.In is a professional alliance of retained executive search firms united in their commitment to providing the highest possible standards in management recruitment services.  Executive Search is our primary area of service to our clients. We help you find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence. Our partnership philosophy involves us working closely with our clients so that we fully understand the executive solutions they require, enabling us to deliver candidates who have the requisite skill set and experience that aligns with the organisation's culture, ethos and values. We provide top level Executive Search & selection services in a short span of time to our clients, we assure you provide the best talent in the industry.

Volume Hiring : Volume recruiting isn't just about hiring hundreds of entry-level or hourly positions. When recruiting for high-volume roles where organizations are faced with high attrition rates with continual requisitions, the total cost becomes enormous. Talent and business leaders alike strive to find ways to improve recruiting outcomes to meet business objectives. Unfortunately, many conventional approaches fall short, resulting in wasted investments in poor quality hires and lost productivity costs, hurting overall corporate performance. Mastering this recruitment specialty is our focus. We at SimplyNaukri implement a holistic approach and effectively cater to the changing needs of the organization, and the candidate.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing : When an organization has a need for many hires for a single type of position, the demands of quantity often override the need for quality. When an organization needs dozens of candidates for one type of position, keeping track and in contact with those candidates is a logistical nightmare- even with a robust applicant tracking system. Gathering information, like references, applications, and setting appointments for interviews is often enough work for two people, and is usually shouldered by one.We at SimplyNaukri Establish visual management systems to be sure everyone is aligned. Use a team-based approach Build a team of “specialists” to handle campus volumes of the same transaction and/ or the same types of positions to ensure higher quality work. This assembly line approach can handle a lot more volume and do so much more effectively Frequent and consistent training and coaching of the teams Ensure proper resource allocation.

Train & Hire Services : ​With the global business environment getting increasingly competitive, companies are focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing other operations. Continuous availability of skilled people resources, matching the speed and scale of business expansion, is today a constant challenge for companies across sectors.